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Shrewsbury is famous for being the birth place of Charles Darwin and 2009 sees the bi centenary and also the 10th anniversary o the publication of his most famous work 'On the origin of the Species'. Shrewsbury has been named ''England's finest Tudor Town'' and with good reason as a wonderful selection of black and white properties dot the city landscape. Many of these iconic properties house the Shrewsbury Hotels and boast a lengthy and interesting history, the interiors are detailed to emphasise the historic elements.

The town is home to 660 listed buildings all linked by ancient shuts or passageways offering intrigue and adventures and many fascinating tales. Even today Charles Darwin would recognise much of modern Shrewsbury, his statue stands outside the library, erected by the proud townsfolk in 1894, even though at the time he was recognised as a dangerous atheist. The City castle is home to the Shropshire Regimental Museum and Shrewsbury Abbey is home to the fictional sleuth Brother Cadfael.

Shrewsbury is found on the border of Wales and England and is almost entirely surrounded by the River Severn which offers pleasure cruises. The city is also known as the ''Town of Flowers'', having won many floral award, it is a busy lively town and has a frenetic yearly calendar where specialist events celebrate, theatre, music and culture, the Shrewsbury International Street Theatre Festival is a premier event of the performing arts fraternity.

The Shrewsbury hotels are a privileged group benefitting from beautiful natural landscapes and history at every turn, they are within easy reach of fabulous modern shopping centres home to designer labels plus a plethora of pubs, wine bars, nightclubs cafes and restaurants. The Hotels are well designed and specifically structured to suit individual groups hosting large conference centre for the corporate guest, unique boutique providing romance and privacy, budget styled family accommodations and five star luxury.

The deluxe hotels provide airport transfer directly to hotel steps and awaiting porters who dispatch luggage to pre booked accommodations. Foyers, lobbies and atriums welcome warmly and may house priceless antiques, original works of art and log fires or may be presented through a modern streamlined style. Staff welcome warmly and provide an overview of the local areas attractions and process check in seamlessly.

Hotels provide a platform for celebrations through their wonderfully decorated restaurants hosting varying ambiences from elegant to casual and relaxed, the chefs prepare delightful treats from the freshest of seasonal produce and these culinary masterpieces are companioned with international vintage wines.

The Cafe society is thriving in Shrewsbury and many Coffee Houses are found within the sanctuaries of the Hotels and are extremely popular meeting places providing rich aromatic coffees and fresh pastries. Wine Bars and Piano Bars are chic and trendy places and host live entertainment in the evenings.

The corporate guests are well provided for through an extensive range of ballrooms, atriums, terraces and meeting rooms that offer the perfect solution for events and functions. The Shrewsbury Hotels boast a lengthy history and an elite clientele and are guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning of guests.